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+celestial+ bodies
roadmap of dark veins,
pale highway of porcelain skin
eyelashes ascend.
irrelevant plans;
physics lazily drift by
tip my world over.
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
bits and pieces..
My memory of you is an agile arachnid,
dripping rainbow venom all over the place.
"Kiss me; we'll dissolve into stardust.
My eyelids flutter on the floor
watch me ascend.
Dance with me on the ceiling.
For sale:
unconditional love,
gently used.
Inquire within.
If I'm breathing,
I still have hope,
but I hold my breath so often now.
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
they say, I like.
they say that history repeats itself,
but I like to think history just stumbles over its words a little bit on occasion.
it's certainly true for me.
I like to pretend I'm in love,
well actually I think I am,
because it makes me feel warm inside,
and living a dream that may just be a lie that makes me happy
is definitely better than living in a reality that's definitely real that makes me sad.
I like to relive the memories of that place,
because they make me feel nostalgic,
and the people there are so different,
and whether I like it better here or there doesn't matter:
nostalgia is nostalgia.
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 1
the outbetween.
it's all smoke and mirrors in this place; I'm not sure if the world is hazy or if I'm going blind;
but either way my world is quite dark and I'm not sure I like what I think I'm seeing
what happened to shadows and sunshine and clear-cut decisions and situations?
what happened to yes and no answers?
suddenly I'm living in that little "and/or" section, that strip of grey between black and white, and I find I'm the only flashlight around to illuminate the whole damn place.
so don't pretend like you don't know where you are,
don't pretend you do,
because in this shade of grey, neither yes nor no are true,
and we're both stuck throwing maybes and sometimes and perhaps at each other with intent to kill.
But me? I set my lasers to stun; I only kill the people who've never really lived,
and as terrible as you think it is, you just kill everyone
who's the bad guy here?
you talk to your strangers that was once your friend, your hater that was once your lover,
and just pretend like nothing's chan
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
calling them back.
Now it's a cold lonely night, the stars still trying to swim back into sight, and I wait for them, because that sudden exhalation may have been a mistake. Now it's me, and me alone, sitting on the railing of a shaky balcony, looking up at black sky and looking down at a deep plunderous sea.
Pop! There you are, right beside me, and this balcony isn't so shaky. Gravity's been miraculously reversed; and your weight ride beside me lifts my heavy shipwrecked heart.
A soft word, a quick intake of surprise air that wasn't there before; those mysterious fickle pinpricks are back. You or my stars? Look up with sober eyes to the vastness before us, let these seeing blinking machines mirror the glitter before them and receive a revelation of untold simplicity.
The fog lays close to the ground, too frightened to ascend to the turquoise fields above, too proud to sink back into its fleshy soil. The water becomes a filthy mirror and shows the candy pink sky its true self, and disappointed at itself,
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
oh, cruel universe.
And those nights when it's just me and the stars and the vastness of my mind compared to the vastness of space {because they really are the same size, you know}, I talk to the universe and try to sort out what happened and what didn't, I wonder at all the didn'ts and why exactly, dear universe, did they remain with that tedious little n't at the end?
And those nights when the people are just too little too late, too far too fast, I really do enjoy pretending I don't need them one bit, but here's the kicker of this whole ordeal: I may have the stars at night, but during the day, I'm stuck with all the spread out marooned lonely people; like islands on an endless sea; just able to see another on the horizon and know there's another like them, but never able to move closer of their own accord. That whole continental drift thing really does come in handy sometimes; separating and putting together, trying to create a harmonious land mass.
And as I sit on a roof, with all the people gone for
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
a trick.
Do you ever think that if you're outside on a perfectly clear night,
and you exhale real quick,
you could just blow away the moon and the stars,
and the planets and the galaxies,
and be left with nice black velvet sky?
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
breathe in that strange toxin, your lungs can't sleep without it. wear your sunkissedfucked skin proud, it makes you just like them, not that you could ever really be different in a place like this. accept that dust into your pores, it'll make itself right at home whether you give it permission or not.
don't worry about the stifling heat suffocating you, it killed you long ago, nothing will change that now. dip your blue toes in that boiling ocean, don't worry about drowning, no body could do it any better.
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
sunshine skates in and paints the sky sloppily and stumbles right back out with the moonshine rolling in on its coat tails in such a graceful manner. the shines never really separate just sort of melt together like crayons left in a warm place too long
let those filters you call your eyes see the world in either light, adjust as you see necessary, someone with morals like yours could never see the world raw and we all know you look at everything through rose-tinted glasses, it'll come back at you someday
let the moonshine bathe this ruined world of ours in white, create those eerie blacknesses called shadows that we all skitter away from when we can, let the old brick and mortar and grout take on whatever light it wants, neither shine could make this ancient place look any better
and I sit on top of this marble mountain singing for all the dead places to hear, so narrow at the top, I'm teetering teetering teetering always waiting to catch myself should I fall
kiss me baby kiss me befor
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
One Million Balloons :iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 2 Miyamoto :iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 4 The Forest is Alive :iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 2
There's a field of green grass, not just a field but a whole huge area of rolling hills, covered in green grass and littered with trees that some higher power left behind without thinking twice, and you and I are laying near one of these left-behinds, letting the shade touch the tips of our heads, and, with our arms behind our shade-touched heads, it gets the tips of our fingers too and suddenly we both know what a pleasant chill feels like.
The clouds warp our distorted philosophies into nicer shapes, just for a little while. I exhale and you could swear it was smoke but I've never laid hands on a cigarette and this incident makes you realize you love me. "If you hold onto something tight enough for long enough," I murmur, my eyes half lidded but still quite aware of the trickery the clouds are committing, "and then suddenly it disappears, for whatever reason, your doing or someone else's, there'll still be an imprint of it on your hand for awhile. A reminder. A temporary scar. And yo
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
and this is my favorite time of year,
when summer and fall are grappling for control of the color of the leaves,
and we all know fall will win,
but just how long it will take is always a beautiful beautiful mystery.
standing on top of some mountaintop from nowhere,
watching the world change,
and fog roll in and out,
I think I can just make out your lonesome lovely loveless silhouette,
and I fancy it's reaching out to me,
and even though we were never that high off the ground and never that far apart,
the fog works wonders on your eyes,
and I know we need to overcome it soon
or the fog will be within us forever instead of without us never.
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
I fell in love under a red moon
and I could've sworn I was swimming
but sometime the sun came out
and the ocean became a lake became a pond became a puddle became just another dry spot where no one would ever guess liquid had ever been
The sun giggled at what it had done
and let the moon come out again
and now I'm just sitting here
thankfully I had the sense to walk away from this place
and found a grassy knoll where all the heartbroken poets go
when their hearts really are broken
and their writing needs to be done under the sweet silver stars
And now we're all sitting here in the dark
which we all find strange because it's a full moon,
but we can't seem to see or find each other
it's pitchblack everywhere except the place we sit,
a spotlight from a stardust moon
and I know there's a spotlight very near me
occupied by someone whose heart I could mend
but I just can't see it
So I'm sitting here reading as I write
hoping someone will hear
and someone braver than I will have the strength
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0
can't take much more
dressed in lace,
head to toe,
love's just a race,
but why no one knows
it's perfectly clear that I'm losing this race,
false starts only end in broken hearts,
and this is always the case
so why don't I just drop out of this game
I've tried and failed and failed again
the case is always the fucking same
madness in the moonlight
disappears with the stars
the sun is shining bright
and all I can do is try to shrug it off
they say this is the straw that broke the camel's back,
they say I can't take much more
but my back was broken to begin with,
and all I can do is keep my eyes to the floor
:iconyouve-been-samd:Youve-been-Samd 0 0

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